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The new social network to humanize the world fostering values, rating the ethics of brands and acting accordingly.


In www.thehumansnetwork.com (tHN) people have the opportunity to HUMANIZE promoting ethical and human values, the power of RATING the level of humanity of our society, i.e., companies, professionals, organizations, public institutions and politicians, and the responsibility of ACTING supporting organizations, causes and human projects, and rewarding and punishing brands according to their ethics.

Brands, in turn, have the opportunity and the responsibility to demonstrate that the most important thing for them is people; that is, they are #HumanBrands.

What needs do we cover?

  1. People want to rescue their most intrinsic values as human beings, to create a better world, and feel like they are the protagonists of social change by promoting values, rating the ethics of the brands, and acting accordingly, i.e., rewarding human ones, and punishing those that are inhumane.
  2. Social organizations need now more than ever the support, funding and activism of people.
  3. Companies and professionals need to show their most profile to empathize, win people's love and engage emotionally with their customers.
  4. Public institutions and politicians need to gain the trust and credibility of citizens.

What solutions do we provide for the needs?

  1. We empower people to force changes that return human beings to being the epicentre of the world, instead of money: #PowertoPeople
  2. We help social organizations to give life to their projects and causes, and attract funding and support.
  3. We help businesses and professionals to measure and improve their social and human reputation, increase the emotional bond with consumers, and thus increase their sales.
  4. We help public institutions and politicians to measure and improve their social and human reputation, gain the confidence of the public, and increase their number of supporters and voters.

What unique value do we provide?

We represent the evolution of the "Social Internet" the new "Human Internet", which means the evolution of:

  1. The need and search for leisure of people who use general social networks, to the need and search for commitment of the users of www.thehumansnetwork.com, where beyond the capacity of socialization between people, the idea is to promote human and supportive values, and fight for a fairer world.
  2. The need and search for business companies and professionals have in Internet, and votes of public entities and politicians, to the need and search for social and human reputation that makes them to be worthy of being chosen by consumers and voters, for which they have to engage in discussions with their stakeholders in an independent platform such as tHN they cannot bias or manipulate, from which to demonstrate their ethics and human side beyond Corporate Social Responsibility, with the aim of becoming true "Human Brands" worthy of trust, respect and desire.
  3. The need and search for funding and support social organizations have, the need to demonstrate transparency, honesty and clarity of their own projects giving life to them with profiles to inform contributors about the their evolution, and the proper use of donated money.

Why become a member of tHN?

If you're a person

Because www.thehumansnetwork.com is the most powerful technological tool for humanizing and changing the world.

If you are a social organization

  1. Because social organizations now need more than ever the support of committed individuals and companies that support and fund their causes and projects, insofar as public grants have declined dramatically with the financial crisis, and you can do this via www.thehumansnetwork.com using the "Collaborate" button in your profile, and thanks to your presence in the "Human Actions" section.
  2. Because the target audience of people and companies (social) organizations want is precisely the ecosystem of members in www.thehumansnetwork.com to change the world.
  3. Because your updates, messages and campaigns will have more visibility than in other social networks:
    • a) Because they are all posted (unlike what happens in other social networks where to have to pay to be seen).
    • b) Because all issues in la Comunidad Gaztematika are in line with the context of social organizations, so that your message does not become disjointed as happens in other general social networks where everything is talked about.
  4. Because in www.thehumansnetwork.com you can give life to your projects and causes creating a personal profile for each one to communicate their evolution day to day, and demonstrate how the support and funding they have received reverts to measurable and real results.
  5. Because your conversations are deeper and relevant thanks to the Ratings people given them and their Interactions (thanks, suggestions, complaints, requests and questions).
  6. Because you can prove your transparency and treat your content in more depth.

If you are a company or professional

  1. As the current Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) model does not work: the starting point for creating social value, transparency, ethical behaviour and compliance of the legality of business, has degenerated mostly into public relations and marketing activities rather than into programmes, products and services rooted in the original philosophy.
  2. Because more and more people will ask you to show that you are worthy of what they are buying from you, not only due to a quality/price ratio of your products and services, but for your active and effective CSR policies, for your ethics and for your humanity.
  3. Because you have to prove that you are human, and that your first goal is to meet the needs of people in a fair, efficient, sustainable way and respecting the rights of workers, suppliers, and, of course, the environment, and meeting your tax obligations on schedule. And as a result of this you earn money and are profitable.
  4. Because you need an independent media channel where you cannot be accused of bias or manipulation of content and interactions with your stakeholders, by means of which to transmit the values associated to your brand and show that you are really ethical and human.
  5. Because only the companies and professionals that are perceived as "Human Brands" will have a significant niche in the market as in today's world people are more socially conscious than ever before in the history of mankind.

If you are a public entity, a political party or politician

Because www.thehumansnetwork.com is the best means of communication with voters insofar as it is designed for them to ask, interact and assess your level of humanity, a basic feature you must have to gain the trust and respect of people, regardless of your political ideology.

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